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Hello all,

I posted before this project and realized I posted in the wrong area. So starting this one instead as it is more appropriate.

As Walstad vases are becoming more popular, I'm looking to create a "no tech" vase with shrimp and an inert substrate with root tabs.

Right now I have a couple small stems of rotella, a small stem of ludwigia red mini, and a large stem of ludwigia red.

I have water sprite and a couple root floaters in there now with 2 crypts and a few roots of dwarf sag.

I plan to stock 3 shrimp in here. 2 RCS and 1 Amano.

Totally new to this, I'm not sure if I'll need more plants, or what I have is good to support the bioload?

Are 3 shrimp too much?

The vase is probably over 1 gallon I would guess.

Thoughts? Too few plants?

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