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Hello all,

I'm fairly new to fish and plant keeping. I currently have a 29g planted tank that is doing really well so far. I'm considering doing a small planted tank in a 1-2 gallon glass jar just for something fun to have in my room. I want it to be basically no tech except occasional feeding, ferts and water changes, and I was hoping for some tips on doing so! Here is the setup I am so far thinking (using things I currently have)

-~2 gallon jar (need to measure how much it takes)
-Fluval stratum substrate (only because I have this on hand. If this works out, I may try another using the walstad method just for an experiment)
-Fluorescent desk lamp/Sunlight (whichever the plants do better with)
-No heater
-No filter (will do water changes every 1-2 weeks as needed)
-Dose CO2 and ferts until plants establish?
-Will add a few snails and maybe shrimp after plants settle in (1-2 months maybe) and there is some algae for them.
-I will also likely use some of the water from my current tank that is already established to help it along

-Does this sound reasonable so far?
-Which plants are easily accessible and hardy that would do well in this setting?(eg. from Canadian Petsmart). I was thinking Hornwort, because I hear it quite hardy even without CO2 or proper lighting, and is a good competitor for algae because it grows fairly quickly. I was also thinking some Ludwigia and a Crypt or Anubias. I will try to use some plants I have from my big tank once they grow a little more (Wisteria, ludwigia, crypts, etc.)
-Should I dose with ferts and CO2 at the beginning for the plants until it balances out after the critters are in?
-How big water changes should I do? I was thinking 50%

I would appreciate any tips for this project! When I get it going I will try to post pictures and updates, but it may take some time. Thanks!

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Hello! I love jars and vases. Fluorescent lamp would likely be more stable if you can do it. On a timer of course. But indirect sunlight also helps and you can reduce the artificial light accordingly.

If you want no tech/low tech and will be using Fluval Stratum you can skip the CO2 and ferts. I have plants growing quite well in this substrate, with low light. Rare dose of Fluorish comprehensive. Two plus months strong.

E.g water wisteria, Bacopa monnieri, Ludwigia
Also doing well are weeping moss and Java moss (I guess they're getting enough from the water)

I have no experience with hornwort, but I think it grows in the lakes around here so it's gotta be hardy. the Petsmart around here has Alternanthera reinickii (I can't remember if they label it as Telanthera cardinalis). I hear this is fairly easy too.

Depending on what fauna you end up putting in later, you may not need to do large/frequent water changes. People do all sorts with these low tech/no tech jars as far as WC is concerned. From none to a lot. I tend to stick with weekly 20-25% WC once my tanks are cycled. It's just simpler to keep on track. And for a one or two gallon jar, that's just 1-2 litres! I keep water ready to go in milk jugs for this purpose. Milk jugs are my friends.
Thanks! Good advice. I'll see how the plants do in only the substrate. Same with the water changes. Who knows, if all goes well I'll only have to do top offs. Glad I am more or less on the right track.

Really? Should we really believe this statement?

Bump: Welcome dollyhorse101.

I too just setup a no-tech jar. Just did not post any picture yet...
Mine is very no-tech. A layer of clay dug out from the backyard and pond soil.
I put Anacharis, cryptocoryne, water sprite, water wisteria, Alternanthera reinickii and Sagittaria Subulata.
Thanks for the welcome and the plant list. I'd love to see a picture!
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