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No luck with the 55

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Hey all I am at the end of my rope...not really, but I am getting fed up with the tank. I have been trying to get a planted 55 going. I have a high tech set-up. I use pressurized co2 with a GLA diffuser, zoo med 2x52W t5 ho light fixture and i have been using the GLA PPS pro fertilizer setup. I have experimented with differing lighting regimens, but my plants are yet to pearling, nor is there any real growth going on. Most of what I end up with is BGA. Am I using the wrong fertilizers? most of all how long should the lights stay on? Is my lighting too weak? I appreciate the input.
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Lighting is more than enough. Start with 8 hours a day no more. How much co2 are you injecting? Most of my issues, almost all, were lack of co2. You can kill BGA with antibiotic real easy.
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