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It has been a while. I have plants available again and need to trim my “slightly” overgrown tank.
Everything submerged, minor algae possible but nothing visible, potentially free snails.
$90 shipped with USPS Priority (lower 48) insulated but no heat package, payment through PayPal.
Mind your weather: If it is very cold or getting hot and the package is delivered to your mailbox, it is best to pick it up at your local USPS facility.

Ammannia pedicellata “golden” 5x
Ammannia senegalensis >10x
Alternanthera reineckii mini >5x
Bacopa sp 10x
Eriocaulon Malayatoor 1x (not the mother plant)
Eriocaulon setaceum 2x large (have to be planted with a short stem, plants propagate by bifurcation of the tip, remaining stems do not sprout)
Hygrophila corymbosa “compacta” 5x
Ludwigia glandulosa 2x (large)
Ludwigia senegalensis >10x
Ludwigia inclinata verticillata “Pantanal” 5x
Nymphaea lotus 1x (small)
Rotala “green” >10x
Rotala wallichi 10x
Staurogyne “Porto Velho” >10
Alternanthera reineckii “variegated” 2x
Hygrophila pinnatifida 2x
Linderna grandiflora 2x
Hygrophila odora 1x
Cuphea anagalloidea 5x
Nymphoides hydrophylla“Taiwan” 1x (baby)
Staurogyne repens 1 piece with some stems

These are estimates on the low side for some plants. I will add a bag with extra plants that remain from this major trim as I will only make 1 package.

Plants are from this tank.


Some close ups:


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