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No ammonia and no nitrite in new tank, is it possible?

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I recently planted my 90g after 3 years out of the hobby.

1) I added 5 white cloud minows and my Eheim 2213
2) 3 days later I added lots of plants and my co2 system and dosed with dry nitrate and iron
3) two weeks later NO detectable ammonia or nitrite and plants growing very well
4) I added 5 more white clouds and 2 platties
5) another week later NO detectable ammonia or nitrite and some plants grew 16 inches in 2 weeks!
7) added eheim 2215 also, took some media from 2213 and put it in the 2215, now running both
6) took all fish out and put them in my 10g quarantine tank and added 10 Indian flashers and 20 cardinals
7) another week later and NO detectable ammonia or nitrite (this is at about 25 days now)

How is this possible? In the past I always had cycling problems?
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no both brand new filters

no both brand new filters

My tank was empty for 3 years

fluorite substrate was heavily used but sat dry for 3 years...
If you planted heavily enough, which it sounds like you did,the tank may be quiet cycling. The plants eating up all the waste while the bacteria build up.

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5 White Clouds in a 90 gallon do not produce enough waste to test.
Then the plants brought in bacteria on their leaves.
Between the bacteria and the plants any and all ammonia was immediately removed. What little ammonia got turned into nitrites was similarly removed.

As you added more fish the bacteria and plants kept pace with the increasing waste load.

Thriving, growing plants are where the nitrogen from the fish food went.
This exact thing happened to our tank as well. New 600L tank, new filters and no seeded media or anything. Planted heavily from day 1 with CO2 and LED lighting. All we did was add some Stability, but not a lot though. Added some danios etc and the tank has had readings of zero for ammonia and nitrite (and often nitrate) from the start.
I just assumed that the plants were using the ammonia while the bacteria built up. Also that we had introduced loads of bacteria on the plants. It seems like a heavily planted tank doesn't really need to "cycle" per se. Just our experience though!
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