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NLJF and hydrocotyle japan FS/FT

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I've started to clean up my tank a little and noticed I have way too many plants in there.
Attached is a pic of the hydrocotyle japan (very nice root structure going on since I've kept it floating) and a little of the java fern. The java fern is a mix of needle leaf and narrow leaf (yes, there is a difference between the two).

The hydrocotyle should be able to cover the majority of the bottom of a 10 gallon tank (maybe more?).


hydrocotyle japan: $10 for all of it
NLJF: $10 for ~ the size of a fist (you'll probably end up with more since there are plantlets on some of the leaves); have 2 of these available

Please note that there are snails in the tank (mainly MTS and some ramshorn; only seen 2-3 pond snails) as well as some algae (I've only seen it on the java ferns that were under the hydrocotyle).
I've used an alum bath in the past to kill snails / snail eggs with great success. I'm not sure how it will do against the algae, though.

I'm not going to ship anything since it's been near the 90s here in Charlotte and I don't want to cook the plants. I'm in North Charlotte, although I can meet up to a reasonable distance (I'm thinking of going down towards the Fintastic area on Sunday). Shoot me a PM if interested.\

I'd be interested in a trade / partial trade for some RCS. They don't have to be good quality; culls are fine by me. I figured I'd give them a try.


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Hey Nick! How many RCS do you need? I'm thinking to trade for all your NLJF lol
Hey man! Some of this java fern is actually some that I got from you a while back! Shoot me a text and we can talk about a trade from there.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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