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Nitrites=0.25, Ammonia=1

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Okay, so after a week of daily 50% changes, then a week of the same bi-daily, I have 0.25ppm of Nitrites and 1.0ppm of Ammonia. What should I do now? This is a cycling tank, and I'd like to move fish in ASAP. However, moving the fish also means moving some plants and the filter with better flow and lots of bacteria.
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What is the source of the ammonia in the cycling tank?

If you currently have the fish, plants and filter living together happily, then moving them all together to the new tank will be fine


If you are adding ammonia to maintain a fishless cycle, but you have live plants and an already cycled filter waiting, then do a 100% water change. Quit doing the fishless cycle Refill without adding any ammonia. Move all the stuff over. I would keep the partially cycled filter and the well cycled filter on the new tank for a few weeks.

If you are using a soil that generates ammonia you will need to wait it out. It needs to greatly reduce the ammonia production before you can add livestock.
Doing massive water changes and still reading that much ammonia and nitrite means they are coming from somewhere in large amounts. Daily 50% water changes removes a LOT of ammonia. Then something is replacing that much ammonia. Over and over again. A tank like that is NOT ready for fish.
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