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Nitrates and Amano shrimp

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What level of nitrates do you need to stay under for Amano shrimp?
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100ppm or so.
I managed to get some mortality when I went to 160ppm for 3 days.
This is for NO3 as KNO3.

If you have a fish load that produced high amount of NH4 that is later measured as NO3, that is another different question. That is where 99.99% of the advice used to gauge NO3 is from.

CRS where fine at 20ppm of NO3 for over a year and bred.
I would suggest they are far more sensitive than amano's to most things.

There's little need to go above 20-30ppm ranges(for plants, or user errors targeting a range).

Tom Barr
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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