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Hi,i am in middle of my experiment with KNO3 , and am struck here with the concentration of nitrate in one gram of potassium nitrate .can any one help me with this? potassium nitrate has a molecular mass of 101.10g per mol
need help ASAP.

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There are 62.0049 grams of NO3 per mole of KNO3 (which weighs 101.10 gram) and that means per mole of kno3, 39.0951 grams are K.

One gram of KNO3 is .00989 moles.

Hope that helps. I'm not really sure what you were asking when you wanted to know the concentration of nitrate.

Double check my math... Always double check anyones math.

If you're trying to make stock solutions, you are overcomplicating things. I was at that stage too and it gave me a headache, especially beige a bio major and not a chem major (I am so jealous of chem majors...)
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