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ninja shrimp

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I cameup on two ninja shrimp off a whim. Anyone know wut tgere worth? I don't see them for sale nywhere.
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pic? I think it could really depend.. but i'm no expert here in any sense.
I would post a picture. They could look like a ninja but be a different species.
Ill try and get a pic up but havent been able to in the past. They look like the pics ive seen of them and they changed from a red color to a purplish brown color,i thought only ninjas do this....
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,any one know what ive got and what its worth. Person i got them from said theyve breed and berried but know births (needs brackish to hatch)
You got a couple of ninja's. And yes, unfortunately the zoea need brackish water to survive.
Are they rare? dont hear much about them. I have someone i was going to trade with for them. He breeds ammanos so hoping he can breed these. I just dont know what these are worth or there availability or whatever.
there's a certain time of year the dip netters harvest them, so right now they're rare, but in a few months they'll be in the LFS
Estimated value:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques
There have been ninja's available at an LFS in San Diego for the last 4 weeks and they are $5 each. I picked up 20 of them 2 weeks ago thinking they were blue bee's but once I got them home I realized what a mistake I had little shrimp but I did not want to get stuck with a lower form shrimp. Oh well, live and learn.

Estimated value:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques:icon_ques
He breeds ammanos so hoping he can breed these.
I would love to touch base with him and compare notes. I have similar projects underway and Amano's are one of them.

Hard to say on value. Few bucks each seems to be around average.
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