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Got my new ADA 75-P from ADGshop in Houston :D

Looking to build a "Nature style" tank. So far, no plants or fish :icon_frow

My equipment List (as of 1/24/11):

Tank: ADA 75-P (with 2 bags of Aquasoil original plus 50lbs of sand)
Light: 150 watt Aqualine HQI bulb
Pendant: ReefOptix III
Ballast: Sunlight Supply Galaxy Electronic 150w HQI
CO2: 10lb aluminum tank
Regulator: Victor Model VTS253A-1993 (dual stage + dual gauge)
Needle Valve: ....Swagelok 21 series Stainless Steel Metering Valve
CO2 injector: Mazzei 584C
Filter A: Eheim 2217
Filter B: Eheim 2215
Heater: ETH Hydor 300 watt external
UV: Some random UK company 25 watt marine uv steralizer
Stand: DIY "ADA" style (Google Jason Baliban for a good guide)

My ADA-style stand is complete. Because my house is old and the floor is NOT level I had to add "leveling feet" to the stand. The leveling feet are made in Germany and each can support 800+ pounds! They seem to do a fantastic job (much better than shims, imo).

The last pic is of the pad which will cushion the tank. ADA charges $30.00 for what is essentially a yoga pad. My solution? Marshalls (a discount retailer) for $12.00!

Anyways, will update with pics. Your thoughts and comments are always welcome!


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Ok, here are some of my ideas for plants.

First, the focal point (where the two threads intersect). I'm looking at ONE of the following reddish plants (copy the name into google search for pictures):

Focal point plant (Background):
Ludwigia Peruensis (Ludwigia peruensis aka Ludwigia glandulosa)

Nesaea Red

Rotala Magenta

Limnophila hippuroides (Limnophila aromatica 'hippuroides')

Pogostemon helferi (Hellfire) -
mixed with
Hemianthus callitrichoides (Baby tears)

Not sure about middle ground and the other background plants....

I am also looking at:

Myriophyllum pinnatum

Hygrophila difformis

Hemianthus micranthemoides

Echinodorus Angustifolia 'Vesuvius'

Whadda think?

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Do you have plans for how to construct that stand? How hard was laminating the wood?
Hi Jeff,

I do not have plans, but I could give you the measurements. I started by making the top (where the tank sits) very slightly bigger than the tank. In order to determine the stand height, I customized the height to allow me to comfortably reach into the tank (this is taken by measuring from your armpit down to the floor, minus the tank height). I also had to account for the leveling feet I added to the tank.

I need to find the charger to my camera, so that I can take more pictures and post a longer explanation.....

Ok, about the formica. Well, lots of things to learn. Easy as hell to apply, so long as you got the right tools. Get a good router (I like Bosch) and router trimming bits (also Bosch). Then get a fine tooth circular saw to cut the sheets of formica. Last, you need the glue (contact cement) and dowels (I used paint sticks). Presto. You can also file the edges (although I only needed to do that for a few places).

Okay, the other thing--lay small formica pieces (trim) and then do the larger pieces (sides, etc...). It's super simple. You can watch lots of Youtube videos. But there's no substitute for actually working with the router and formica. You need to get a feel for that. If you are worried, just buy a couple square feet and make a small project with formica. You'll see it's pretty simple.

Formica solves one of the hardest things for amateurs: finishing work. Good finishing work is what separates the real craftsmen from the amateurs. Try it. You will be amazed.
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