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Newly Setup 10 Gallon

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Hi, I'm Phuong I'm new.
I'm 15 years old and yeah.
Ok so I have this 10gallon which has been running for maybe a week.

I have Flora-Base Subtrate,
A 40W PC Satellite Hood From Current USA
1 Moneywort, 1 Amazon broadleaf
One Nutrafin Co2 System
One Aquaclear sidefilter 20.
A piece of driftwood.
My betta and angelfish.

Yes I know the betta is snack food for the angelfish but angelfish is small baby and there doing fine together for now ^^.

I was wondering. How many Nutrafin systems should i get? Shoudl I just keep that one and make a DIY CO2 System out of One or two 2L pop bottles?
Or Shoudl that one nutrafin co2 system work for all my needs.

I plan to get all sorts of plants and am wondering if my 40Watt will do it all I heard 4Watts per gallon is high lighting so I'd have enough lighting right now?
It also has a built in crappy led moon light that is only seen if everything is really really dark.

And can you suggest me some other plants that you think would do well in a 10 Gallon? Thanks and here's a pic xD

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You will have to move out that angel when it gets a little bigger. And you should get more plants to start up your tank, and eventually remove them if you don't want them. Helps with ammonia etc.
The flora base will eventually turn into mush, so you better watch out.
And yeah, just make diy co2, though I think the nutrafina thingy should be fine.
haha, I wish i could get more plants starting up! Plants are expensive ranging from 5$ to 25$ each plant =( I'm trying to get some of this stuff to start like a carpet but it's 10$ and he ties it to a base.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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