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Looking for some advice. I’m starting up a new planted 75g shrimp tank (non-co2 injected), and I received my plants yesterday from PAC (they look awesome and Heather was great to work with!). After placement in my Black Diamond substrate I slowly began to flood the tank. Half way into it I took my newly purchased Eheim 2217 out of the box. Ugh, it’s broken! :mad: The timing sucks. I have a flooded tank with zero circulation in it and I just missed out on the great sale on the Pro4 350 at Dr’s F&S. Double ugh :mad::mad:. On top of all that, I’m heading out of town for the long weekend. So, how long can my plants last before all the existing co2 is depleted from the water? Do I need to run out today and pay through the nose at my LFS for a new filter, or can I order online today, and set up on Monday?
Also, my two giant pieces of cholla are floating (lol). I guess they just need to soak & get waterlogged before sinking (?), I hope. They're pretty much the center pieces on my tank.
Any thoughts on how long the plants will last?
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