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Newer member - Pics of new Osaka 260 Planted Discus Tank -

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Thought I'd share a few pics of my fairly-newly set up planted 70 Gal. Osaka discus/display tank.

3 weeks ago I picked up 9 Forrest juvie HB Red Snakeskin Discus - youngsters, barely 3.0". With 4-5 feedings daily, they've put on a little 'beef' and their coloring is beginning to shape out. Within the next few months, I'm told their bodies will take on a deeper red throughout, with darker blue finnage, with body bars all but disappeared.
Looking forward to that, as well as the development/growth of the aquascape. Hope it all goes well.
If any of you have any thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions - positive or negative - please let fly.
Here's 2 links:

the second link is full tank shots.
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You pikced up some Forrest discuss eh? Any chance you got them from April? Welcome to the Planted Tank from another BC'er!
Where else to get Forrest discus, but from April ! Right ?
Lovely!! What ferts are you dosing? Injecting Co2?
No CO2 - Just API fert root tabs every few months, along with semi-weekly low dosing of Flourish Excel & Comprehensive Supplement. Plants are all doing well @ 84F temp in the discus tank.
I don't how you keep the sand looking so white. I have PFS and after 3 months is yukky.

Oh, what lights do you have?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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