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I have a 75 gal marieland tank and a hood with one bulb that is thin that says zoo med f318 5500k daylight. The light sits on the glass at the top of the tank.

Ihave a second hood that I could also set on top of the tank with a diffrent bulb.

I am leaving the light on for about 12 hours.
Is this going to work for my plants?

Any suggestions for me?

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would this be a decent light for a 75 gallon?
Odyssea 48" T5 HO Aquarium Light with Quad Bulbs 4x54W
Your choice of Freshwater or Marine blub. Extendable brackets - 52" Max Length


  • Dimensions - 47.50� x 7.50� x 2.15�
    [*]Brackets add 0.50" in height
    [*]Supports 4x 54W T5 High Output lamps
    [*]Supports 4x Bluemoon LED
    [*]Supports standard T5 HO lamps
    [*]216W total power
    [*]Quick disconnect ballast
    [*]Individual power cords for each function
    [*]Extendable bracket - 52" max extend
    [*]Non-corrosive powder coated aluminum housing
    [*]Acrylic splash guard
    [*]CE Certified
Listing includes:

  • 1x 48" T5 Quad fixture
    [*]4x 54W T5 HO blubs (Choose either 2x 10000K & 2x Actinic Blue for Marine, or 2 x 6500K & 2x Red for Freshwater)
    [*]4x LED
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