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newbie with ?

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do eclipse filter/light/hoods work for planted tanks.??

i will be getting a 10g. tank and want to purchase a eclipse system 1 just
for the simplicity, i am totally new to planted tanks, and would like to learn to keep a healthy planted tank with fish. there sure looks like alot to learn
about the conditions/paramiters/ light set-ups.:icon_eek: :( :redface:

again i really like the convience of the eclipse hoods but am unsure if they can truely support a planted tank. i am getting the 10g for free:icon_cool but would like to get a 18g tall or 25g tall in acrylic one day- also using a eclipse hood.
the fish i would like to keep are

red-tail black shark
blue rams
cherry barbs

any feed back would be great
btw,awesome forum
thanks to all in advance
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I use this for small tanks and they are easy to use and no problem with planted tanks. Just keep your tank topped off.
are you trying to say stay away from the eclipse hood?
well i have looked around this forum and haven't found anything
about using a eclipse hood/light/filtration set-up?:confused: anyone???

please, pros and cons of using the eclipse- i really want to get back into fishkeeping.
Do they have bio wheels? If they do and your injecting co2, then its not the best.
Eclipse systems are pretty expensive, it might be cheaper and better to buy all your system pieces separately and do it yourself. A lot more work, but I think it would be worth it.
I don't know about the Eclipse system but, I like the nearest competitor, my JBJ nano cube. They have a freshwater hood option which came with two 24W bulbs and all I added was a heater and DIY CO2. I would imagine that the Eclipse might have a similar option.
so far i don't think i am getting the impression that the eclipse hoods are going to work for a planted/community:icon_cry: :icon_redf
they are expesive and prne to break. buy everything seperate if u want plants
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