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So I'm finishing up acquiring all the necessities and preparing to fill my tank. Parameters for my tap water read as follows:

pH = 7.8
Ammonia = 0.25ppm
Nitrite = 0ppm
Nitrate = 0ppm

I'm looking for any comments or suggestions as to how these base numbers will work in my tank. How do I test hardness and alkalinity and what is the significance of these? I haven't read too much on water as I've realized so I feel kinda retarded in this area lol.

Edit: I had been hoping to stock with a school of cardinals, bristlenose plece, a trio of honey gourami and a few zebra loches possibly. With a pH of 7.8, would any of these fish not be ok? I've read that changing pH is not advised because of swings in pH compared to steady pH.
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