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Newbie wanting to start a nano

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Hey everyone, my name is Casey aka gardennub. I am new to planted aquariums but have been doing a decent amount of research lately. I stumbled upon this site and have been reading for maybe 2 weeks or so. I am into dart frogs and have a couple planted terrariums, but want to get into aquariums as well. I am especially interested in nano tanks, as I do not have a whole lot of room right now for anything very large.

I have a few questions that I have not been able to find answers too. I am sorry if these are common topics.

1. Is there a newbie section on this forum? Or a pinned set of posts for beginners? I haven't really found anything to help get started other than the article, it is kind of like putting a puzzle together piece by piece lol.

2. For macro nutrients, should I use both substrate nutes and nutes in the water or just one of them? I know it depends on the plants, but lets assume I need substrate nutes for the plants I have.

3. Would a Jungledawn 13W LED bulb be ok?

4. My room temperature can be anywhere from 60 F in the winter to 76 or 78 in the summer. All the fish im sorta kinda interested in atm are ok with the highs but not with the lows. So I am wondering what kind of heater do you suggest for a nano?
so far im looking at Archaea heaters. 25 or 50W?

Thank you in advance for your help! I am sorry for the long winded post, but want to make sure I get this right.
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Thanks that article was helpful!
I am still wondering about 2. and 4. I realized for question 3 it depends entirely on the size of the tank, and I plan on doing a 5 - 5.5 gal so I think it should be a good light.
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