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I am not a newbie to aquariums in general just a newbie to planted aquariums. I plan to start slow and work my way up. My main goal is to grow the Discus I have in my 75g to young adullthood so their colors come out. Then turn the 75g into a planted 75g.

I think a good method of approach is taking the 20g tank I have sitting around and turn it into a planted tank with similiar params of the Discus tank.

-~2 - 2.5 WPG
-84 Deg (Discus Temps)
-Plants will be selected from a planted tank section on a Discus Forum.
-When I do a water change from my Discus tank I plan to vacuum up all the excess food/poop/water from my Discus tank and use it to do WC on my 20g. This will help me assure the tank params are similiar.
-Turface hopefully for the substrate

After I am able to sustain plant life in that tank I plan to make it happen in the 75g.


First this a decent plan? Everyone is telling me not to start right off in the 75g b/c i will prob not do so well at first. So I came up with this plan the substrate/turface question. Is Turface Gamesaver a powder? I was almost on my way to the nearest John Deere Retailer when I saw a post saying that Turface Gamesaver is comparable to powdered sugar.

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Welcome to TPT!

I do think that it might be a good idea to have a separate smaller tank as your first planted tank, it will help you get down some of the basics before working on a 75gal. Just keep in mind that no matter what the tanks won't be exactly the same for the plants, especially in terms of light levels.

'fraid I've never used Turface or heard of "gamesaver" so I can't answer that size question...
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