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Newbie trying to save Cherry Shrimp eggs

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I set up my very 1st tank (a 4L or 1 gallon, flower vase) Sep 21, introduced shrimps on the 23rd Sep. I bought 6 and in the container I place them to “drip acclimate”? them I lost immediately 2 one of them was pregnant.
So I put 3 in my Flower vase tank, they were very hectic so I keep 1 last pregnant in the temporary container, she died this morning.
I read the egg can be save so I did this ni not sure if the water flow is to fast or to slow, or is this is actually going to work 🤦🏾‍♀️
can I add a video?
Plant Drinkware Liquid Water Fluid
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Hi @richard.hayward.melb thanks for your reply.
I did not cycle it and you are right then should be expecting more losses 😭. My boss got me interested in Aquascaping and we set up a tiny fish bowl where he put like 15 shrimps, about 6 adults and the rest tiny babies. So far only one of those tiny babies has survived (I feel bad for him only 5 snails making him company).
I noticed a couple of hours ago that the container tank have 2 super tiny shrimps. Now I don’t know if I should transfer them to the “tank”?
Here’s is the link to the video of my vase and the experiment of saving the eggs.

Thanks and greetings from 🇵🇦!
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