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Newbie Stocking Questions

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Hello everyone,

Please forgive my lack of knowledge, but I have a few questions regarding the stocking of my low tech planted tank. I plan on heavily planting my tank; I'm not too sure if this is relevant however. (Also what constitutes as heavily planted?) Anyway, I have recently purchased a ten gallon Tetra Half Moon Tank. It's dimensions are L: 20.8 W: 18.5 H: 12.6. I hope that this tank is at least somewhat decent...

I plan on putting a male betta into the tank. I also would like to put a few invertebrates in there to help keep things clean-ish. Would adding an apple snail and five or so ghost shrimp overstock my tank? I'm aware of the one inch per gallon rule regarding fish but did not know if that applied to the invertebrates. I'm also concerned about them having enough food to eat, but it is my understanding that the snail and shrimp will eat different kinds of algae, no? I've also tossed around the idea of ottos, but I've heard they do best in a 20 gallon.

On an unrelated note, would the apple snail thrive in the same temperature water as the shrimp and betta? I have found conflicting information.

Any other information that you could provide to a newbie would be great. I've spent about a year researching on my own but still have some anxiety over the matter hahaha.

Thanks for your help everyone!

- Gutless
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Can't help you with the apple snail but more often than not Betta + Shrimp = Lunch for your Betta

A 10 gallon tank is perfect for a single Betta, he makes a great pet.

Heavily planted tank means you can hardly see the substrate.

No one follows the 1 inch per gallon rule anymore. Best to just ask about what or how you want to stock.

That sounds like a good setup. The shrimp might be happier if you let them establish themselves before you add the beta, but it's not necessary.

Apple snail will be fine stocking-wise, but visually it might be a bit big for a 10 gallon. Have you considered something smaller?
Thanks for the replies you two! Do you think amano would have better chances compared to the ghost shrimp? I've also considered nerites in place of the apple
Thanks for the replies you two! Do you think amano would have better chances compared to the ghost shrimp? I've also considered nerites in place of the apple
For me Betta and shrimp is like rolling dice. Sometimes it works often it does not. It all depends on the aggresiveness and hunting drive of the Betta. There is only one way to find out. >:)
I can´t say anything about the apple snail. But I keep a very bold male Betta with 3 Amano shrimp. The shrimp where established in the tank before the Betta. A couple of minutes after introducing the fish, it almost seemed to face off with a shrimp. They where both standing their ground and looking at each other. No attacks. I was surprised by the shrimps boldness. The fish extended it´s fins and gills, and the shrimp in turn extended it´s legs and kept touching the Betta´s face. This happened once. I almost removed the Betta, but it was over after a few seconds. I have not observed it since, and I stayed by the tank for a long while after that. I keep the Betta well fed, and it seems to have no interest in the shrimp what so ever. They are kept in a well planted 7 gallon.
it´s no guarantee, just sharing my experience.

Enjoy your tank!
I prefer ghost shrimp because they can breed and establish a sustainable colony. Amanos are expensive and fragile. Cid's experience not withstanding, shrimp+any medium sized fish is a risky prospect.
Thanks for the replies everyone! I have decided that I will not be keeping a betta in my ten gallon. I am just too scared that she will end up attacking my shrimp or snail; I'd hate for them to end up being killed. I plan on going with something more peaceful such as an ember tetra school or sparkling gourami. I do however greatly appreciate everyone's help!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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