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Newbie saying hello to all...

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Hello all... New to the forum and just really starting my research.

I'm planning on a Planted Discus tank. I'm new to planted Aquariums but have had a fish aquarium for several years.

Equipment on order

75 Gallon Clear for Life Pentagon Corner Aquarium 24Lx24Lx30H (not sure what the width is I'm guessing around 36)
T5 Nova Extrem 2x24W
Marineland 360 Canister filter

I originally ordered Eco Complete substrate but after some research I think I'm going to use Aquasoil to help with the PH for Discus.

I have a 50w submersible heater that my LFS said would be fine but after lots of reading I'm not sure it will be enough. Looking into an inline for the canister. An I like the idea of not seeing it in the tank :)

I'm also worried now that the lights the guy sold me won't be enough. I'm planning on mostly low light plants but with a depth of 30" i don't know.
Maybe supplement with another light or order another? Because the tank is odd shape I'm not sure how I will get good light through out the tank.

I've been reading a lot about plants. I was thinking of ordering online as I haven't found a great local source.... Thought of any good vendors?

Also still trying to figure out what I will do for C02.

I haven't really found any corner planted tank pictures online. I would love to see some for inspiration.

Anyway... I'm very excited to start this project. Any advise is welcome.

And before you say it. I'm hitting the search button as we speak...
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Welcome to TPT!!

I think a 50watt inline heater is probably too small. I would got for a ~300 watt heater. The Hydor ETH 300 In-Line Heater 300 Watt is a great (only) inline heater.

2x24 watt t5 on a 30" high tank is pretty low. this thread is probably the best thread on lighting. Hoppy is the light guru!! The first thing you should decide is if you want it to be a low light, low tech tank or if you want to go high light, high tech. This light would work for a low tech set-up and you wouldn't need Co2.

A great place to buy plants is on the Swap and Shop Section of this forum.

I haven't seen that many corner tanks either but who wants more of the same old thing.

Sounds like you have a good base and are doing your research. Good Luck!

I'll check out the lighting thread now. I guess the real reason I haven't decided Low tech vs High tech yet is everything that stands out to me seems to be High tech but my main goal when I started this adventure was to create a great discus tank and I'm struggling with how much light I need for the plants verse what would be bad for the Discus.
WELCOME aboard!
Hoppy has posted great threads regarding lighting and calibrating chemical test kits saving all of us a ton of work and doubt. Most of what your asking can be found here on TPT. (SnS is a great place to shop)
I guess I answered my own question... with it needing to be low light.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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