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newbie questioning conventional lighting

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So i'm in the process of setting up a 29g, i have plenty of clamp lights around so i was hoping to just have an open top and use some clamps to light it. I've seen other people do this so hopefully it's an acceptable method and will work well. Now the big question is how much? 2 lights or 3? 6500k seems to be the way to go, but what watts? 23 CFL is supposed to be equal to 100wat incandescent, so would 2 of them be under 2 watts per gallon or well over it? Any advises?
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For compact fluorescent bulbs, the Watt/Gallon calculation is done with the advertised W value and *not* the incandescent equivalent.

Without CO2 you're better off doing less than 2W/gallon so using 2x23W bulbs would be good. However, if they are the spiral type you're losing some of the light because you're probably mounting them sideways. So realistically you're probably only getting 46W total with about 20% loss so 37W effective over 29G you're around 1.3W/gallon give or take.
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