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Newbie question...bubbles on my plants?

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I finally set up my Ebi. First ever planted tank. I didn't realize how hard things would be to plant once the tank was filled :icon_eek: ...lesson learned. Anyway I did a 50% water change this morning (planted last night) added Flourish and Excel, turned my light on and went about my business.

Came back to see a few of my plants had some bubbles on them, probably about the size of a pin head, and a few others had really tiny tiny bubbles coming off of them at regular intervals. What does it mean? Are my plants healthy? Or are these bad signs...
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Are you adding CO2 to your tank? If so, your plants are pearling. That means they are producing oxygen faster than the surrounding water can absorb it. If you don't have a CO2 system, you say you just did a water change, and plants pearl after water changes sometimes. People will argue about this but I've seen them do it. Either way it's perfectly healthy and something people usually aim for.
I love it when my plants pearl. The plants in my low tech tanks don't pearl, but they sure do pearl in my high tech tanks. When the lights are in burst mode and the CO2 is flowing, the plants pearl so much, it looks like a snowstorm of oxygen bubbles all over the tank! I find it mesmerizing to watch!
If the bubbles are forming on everything in your tank including glass, equipment, hardscape then it is the supersaturated gas in the water you added at your waterchange. If the plants are the only thing bubbling then it is increased photosyntetic activity because of raised CO2 levels and the introduction of lacking nutrients that your waterchange provided. Even though the plants pearling can follow the bubbles that are forming on everything. This is why waterchanges are a good thing.
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