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Newbie needs your help!

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Hello planted tank people! I am just endeavoring into the world of fish tanks and am cycling my first tank ever. I plan on having Cherry red shrimp. I am 4 weeks into the cycling process and my parameters are all over the place. For reference I have a inert substrate, java moss, java fern, and anubias planted. I have some starry night rocks, and a piece of spider wood. The tank is a 15 gallon fluval flex. I am using RODI water and salty shrimp to reionize. OK, so I thought I was doing everything correctly, adding 15 drops of ammonium chloride every day. But my pH is hanging at 6 (possibly below, the test kit only goes as low as 6), my ammonia is at 2 ppm, nitrite 0, nitrate 0, GH way too high at 13 and KH really low at 1!! Should I add soemthing to bring my pH up so the bacteria can survive?? why is it so low? why is my GH so high and my KH so low (the salty shrimp should be adding them at a 1:2 ratio). I have no idea how this happened and would realllllly appreciate any help you guys have so I can get my tank healthy enough for some shrimps!

P.s. I did a 30% water change yesterday and that did not seem to help

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I'm not a pro but lemme give some analisys about your tank.
1. You used some plant that absorb the nutrient slowly so the amonia broken down at slow pace. Maybe you could turn down the amonia supply by a bit.
2. The wood maybe doing something with the water chem too.
3. About the GH maybe the RODI system went crazy or the mineral dosed is a bit too much.

My newbie head suggest you to put some cheap fast growing stem plant to help you fight the chem. But dont plant it, just let them suck everything from the water body. And be patient since we newbie always tend to rush things and nature doesn't move that fast.

I apologise for butchering the language.
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