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newbie needs help with setup

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hi, this is my first post on this forum. after looking at some of the tanks done by amano, i've decided to start a planted tank of my own. i have currently have a marine reef tank, but i have very limited experience with freshwater planted aquariums. what i want is to duplicate the look of the tank in this pic...

so here's where i need help. i want plants that stay relatively low to the substrate and will eventually spread to cover the entire bottom like in the amano tank. which plants are good for that? i think hc and some hairgrass might do it, right? what's the easiest way set up a tank for that? i plan on using a eheim ecco canister filter, an inline heater, eco-complete substrate, and some power compact bulbs for lighting. how many watts do i need and do i need co2 for this setup. as far as fish goes, i'm just going to be keeping some neon tetras. i want the display to be as clean and uncluttered as possible. am i missing anything? thanks for any help. this forum is great and very informative.

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High light from what I have seen usually 4+ watts per gallon

I think that is glosso and riccia in that tank.
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