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Newbie need advice

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Hello so I got into shrimp so I got 10 rcs ok grade shrimp so I want to selective breed them more red but my males seem to be black or brownish well I think there males is this normal I've seen a few swiming and seem to be pretty clear or is this them Geting darker as I have black gravel though males were clear or slightly red

Thanks josh

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People have tried to show me the difference between them in pictures on here
and I think I can see some difference but when I try in my tank...
But if you have a seperate tank for the berried females then just put the ones which have eggs in there. If you don't have a second tank I think it will be much harder to get very far/w selectively making any color better.
Some can but not me...have a few tanks to play with this I mean. But I notice that those who do seem to be better off and better able to be selective about which ones breed. And I also notice that most seem not to have much if any plants in those tanks.
I have been watcing a couple of mine grow and I'm thinking about trying to see if certain ones can be made better. But I have two 10g tanks and plants in both as
they are all my tanks so I don't want empty tanks to look at as I'm not that keen
on the whole selective breeding thing as they are.
Actually I really don't have but perhaps a couple of hrs a week to do that in.
So for me any being selective will take quite some time. Need to catch and be rid of any I don't want in each tank first, hopefully before they get large enough to breed.
Looks like both of us need to learn to recognize a male just to be sure we don't get rid of all of them accidentally.
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Any off urs look brownish tho I have 16g tank with bog wood and moss halls with few fake plants and a empty cyclying 10g was going to get few breeder box's and give it a go im out of work atm so I have nothink but time

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