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Who wants to take me under thier wing? 2 weeks ago I picked up a 125g tank standard dimensions 72 L 18 W 24 H. I painted the back black and its sitting in my garage right now. I'm in the process of building the stand. Taking longer than I though and I'm not trying to rush it with my minimal woodworking skills.

What I have so far is...

-Complete Ultimate CO2 system with external reactor for
-3 Big red buckets of's substrate and a 50lb bag of Black

What I am looking to get...
-Looking for a deal on a FX5 filter
-Racking my brain trying to figure out which t5s I want. I like Catalinas 72" setups.
-Need to pick up another heater for redundancy
-Stock up on ferts

Planning on going the fishless cycle route even though I have a mature 405 canister on my 65 that I'm going to be using the inline [email protected] with on the 125. I failed to cycle the 65 properly a year ago and it resulted in quite a few deaths. Gotta try and keep my karma up on the 125.

Anyway anymore advice on top of the plethera of information that I have already found in the forum stickys would be great.

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Welcome to the planted tank! TexGal, Yikesjason, Coltonorr and Wasserpest all have very nice larger planted tanks. I would suggest looking up their journals for some inspiration and techniques.

Catalina is a good fixture. Make sure to tell them you want to have the option to mount the light by suspension. If you don't, the mounting screws will not be installed.

If you haven't looked at inline heaters, they are outstanding! Check them out.

Welcome to the planted tank!
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