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Newbie: My fluval flora

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Hi guys,

Just passed day one of my iwagumi fluval flora. Need comments and suggestions

Fluval flora
8.8 lbs of fluval substrate
2 Fluval 13w compact lights
Fluval nano CO2
Fluval filter
4lbs of Ryou Stone from ADGshop
Dwarf Hairgrass for plants


I'm planning to do the 50% water change everyday for a week and twice in the next 2 weeks...
How about Ferts? What should I get and dose?
Also planning to add some Amanos soon but I don't know when, around when should/could I add the Amanos and Otos?

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Thanks man...

Still need suggestions about ferts and shrimp introduction...
Looks better without the background
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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