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Hi! This is my third attempt at an aquascape (if you can call it that 馃槄), but the first that I'm actually quite pleased with.
I know the pods look a bit out of place, I put them there to make it a little more interesting for the occupants.
I was thinking maybe to take the anubias from the front and replace them with some bucephalandra(probably the same as the one I already have in there), then attach the anubias to the tree branches. Anubias can grow emersed, right?


Are these real?
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Newbie looking for some criticisms/suggestions
Hi MJ, welcome to TPT. This is a good start, your plants look very healthy! Love the Red Root Floaties.

I will give you some suggestions, but keep in mind this can be very much up to personal preference!

  • I think the big piece of wood (with the Anubias on top) overwhelms the smallish tank. I'd remove it. Or bury it, or saw it in half, or something.
  • The root is nice, but looks upside down to me. I know, it should resemble a tree... but still, this isn't really how they grow. I'd flip it upside down.
  • Equipment always detracts from an otherwise nice aquascape. I'd try to hide it or use less conspicuous tech.

Anubias can grow emersed, but will do better in an enclosed, high humidity environment. I'd leave it in the water for now. :)

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Thanks for the feedback! 馃憤馃槈
I was thinking something similar about the wood. It's holding the soil in place though, so it'll have to stay there for now. Was going for more of a fairy garden type look, maybe roots grow like that in fairy gardens, who knows 鈽吼煒
It was originally intended to be without a heater, but on an average day the temperature is 20c, and comjng to winter that'll drop even lower, limiting my choice of occupants.
I was trying to find the least conspicuous heater possible, but settled for something I know is reliable. Think I've read too many horror stories of fish being cooked overnight 馃槵
As for the anubias, think I'll leave to where it is for now then. 馃憤
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