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Newbie looking for CO2 help

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Hi everyone, this is my first post to the fourm. I've been using the fourm for several weeks now trying to understand the ins and outs of keeping a healthy aquarium.

Hardware- It is a freshwater ADA mini-L, 8.6g with 6 watts of LEDs. I have an Ehiem 2322 and a heater.

Fish- three Siamese algae eats, seven endlers, snails and one betta.

Plants- I am trying to grow a carpet of moss or grass.

CO2- I am dosing 1ml of Flourish every other day. I will eventually get the Atomic regulator with a paintball canister.

In the meantime I was going to set up a DIY CO2 system but I need guidance. I would like the GLA inline reactor but it says it requires 30psi. I know that is not a lot of prussure but will the sugar and yeast route create enough pressure to work? I don't think I want an in tank diffuser, just one more thing to keep clean. Also any recommendation on moss or grass and BPS is greatly appreciated.
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I doubt that the DIY CO2 would generate enough pressure - depending on your set up of course. The 'pop' bottles I used to use would always give out first, usually the lids. In the end I used to feed my CO2 directly into my intake pipe of my Eheim filter (which I still do now with my pressurised set-up). That way the CO2 would stay in the water for a long time and also get smashed up by the impeller. I always managed high levels of CO2 and don't forget the 'marmite' when making your own mixtures - it increases the CO2 yield and length five-fold.
Manrock, thanks for the advise. I think the last thing I need are exploding 2 liter bottles full of sugar and yeast LOL.

I have heard that feeding CO2 throught the filter can hinder the impeller lifespan. Have you found this to be true?

I am also concerned about the DIY route is dosing too much CO2. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but adding CO2 to a tank that has never had it before will drop the ph level (currently at 7.6-7.8) and could harm the fish.

I thought if I go with the paintball setup that I could start of with 10 BPM and slowly increase it. I know that is probably difficult if not impossible with the DIY system.

Lastly, what is marmite? Will my local fish store cary it?
Hi, welcome to the forum. The setup you have can easily be beneficial running DIY C02. The only problem with DIY is that becomes a little boring switching over and making new sugar/yeast mixes, it all depends on the person. I have had DIY C02 on my 10 gallon for almost a year now because i dont have the space for a pressurized system. I have the hagen mini underwater filter that diffuses the C02 (go on you tube for a "how to") and had excellent result....
I wouldnt worry so much about about killing fish with DIY as it would be extremely hard to do that. Your Ph will drop a little but that doesnt matter as much as your GH & KH so i wouldnt worry too much about that either.
Even if i had the space for my 10 gallon , i think i would just stick to DIY. Obviously anything bigger then i would go pressurized.

Oh and Marmite is a nasty food spread.......You either love it or hate it !
I just set up a DIY with a fluval diffuser. Not sure on the psi but it took a while to kick in. I left it overnight and when I turned on the lights this morning it was cranking away at 2bps. Using 1.75l bottle with 2 cups sugar and a little less than 1tsp of yeast.

I am not worried about an exploding bottle and I don't think 30 psi is too much. Mine is probably 30psi+

Hope that helps.
I am not worried about an exploding bottle and I don't think 30 psi is too much. Mine is probably 30psi+ QUOTE]

Hmm im not sure a DIY setup could get a pressure of 30psi

i actually just put together my 2nd paintball co2 setup. my tank is a nanocube 24g and a 20g long. you dont need a reactor or anything. just get an atomic diffuser, the bubbles are finer. that link is the cheapest and most successfulway how to do it. just check the DIY for leaks, put the piece under water and see if it bubbles.
Ok - well my bottles never actually exploded (I had 3 in tandem for my 30g) they would just leak from the bottle top connectors and so I could never get enough pressure to force the CO2 through any type of diffuser.

As for my impeller wear - still going after 5 years and no problems at all. Some people sometimes over analyse what 'might' happen but in my experience there has been no adverse effect of the CO2 going through my filter - just a bright green drop checker!

As for Marmite - it's a yeast extract sandwich spread (Vegemite in Oz) and I found that if I added a tiny (1/2 tsp) amount to my mix it would extend the life of each bottle to up to 3 weeks, so much less hassle for me in the long run. It must have stuff in it that the yeast need to reproduce and thrive, rather than just sugar. It's the gift that just keeps on giving!
Thanks for the replies everyone.

Right now I made a little DIY system sitting directly below my intake. The BPS varies widely, to be expected with the DIY method I guess. I will see how my plants and fish react to the CO2 instead of the excel before proceeding to a full blown setup.

In my research I came across this little setup. It could be ingenious or a total scam. I can only find it on eBay and not much else. There are two YouTube videos but not a bit of English. Anyone out there can translate?

[Ebay Link Removed]

They also have a website but again not any English.

As far as I can tell it looks like A is an acid solution and B is an alkaline. I think the push of the CO2 out of B must create a vacuum, siphoning A into B. There is a valve that controls the amount fed into the aquarium.

For $25 seems like a small gamble. Anyone have or know anything about these?
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That all looks pretty cool. I have never seen it ...

I asked Hagen customer service about my Fluval Co2 Diffuser and PSI needed. This is the response:

"The minimum pressure to be able to push an adequate amount of CO2 through the defuser is 30 PSI."

With that said I do not know the exact PSI of mine - but it does work fine at 1Bps. My DIY is now running at 1bps btw. I have not shaken it and I did have to pull it out; disconnecting the hose which could have slowed it down a bit. My fish did not like 2Bps so I am good with it as is now.

I will prob get something small like this down the road:
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