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My name is Ray. I just joined this site the other day as a result of my fiancee joining a while back.

I have not had a tank since my early teen years almost 25 years ago and even then it was just a basic 10 gallon with a couple Angel fish which I probably steamed to death. All the books told me to keep the water around 80 degrees. Not thinking water temp but thinking how 80 degree weather felt hot to the skin I basically did a temp check with my finger.

I am a little wiser these days(I think) and my fiancee has had a tank of one kind or another since I met her in 98 and I have always enjoyed them.

Recently she got a little more seriously into the aquarium thing and after attending 2 local aquarium group meetings the bug has bitten me again. All I have right now is a young male Ruby Green Cichlid(barely 2 inches) and a few plants in a small 1.5 gallon tank. Tonight, though, we scored a 40 gallon tank set up in which the tank seems to have never been used. So, I will begin setting that up soon.

I will be going with Co2 as well.

This site as well as the meetings I have attended have been very helpful with my research over the last couple of weeks.

I look forward to continuing to learn more and more and will be posting photos as my tank gets set up.
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