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Newbie here. Well kinda. And questions

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Hey all! I'm Marcell. I currently have a 55 gallon planted aquarium that's center support has broken. No worries I braced it with a heavy duty clamp. I looked at this as an opportunity to upgrade. I found a steal at petsmart of all places. I got a 125 gallon with stand, glass top and underwater filter for $240. Ya I know a steal. I am now considering upgrades for lighting and filters. I've all but decided on running two API filters. I have one XP2 from my 55 gallon and I plan to purchase a XP-L. Choosing API because they are simple to use and I have had good luck with them over the years. Currently I have a 48" light that uses 4 fluorescent 65w cf bulbs as well as a 48" 40w. My plants love the setup. The dimensions on the new aquarium are 60.5"L×18.5"D×25"T. I hope to be able to use the lighting that came with the unit because it shades the larger lights behind it from full frontal view. I have read a few posts that describe PAR from jeffkroll but am still unsure what to do about my lighting situation. I want as good of a PAR as I currently have with lights that fit. Seriously considering beamsworks but they seem to have a lower PAR. Please help. Pic of my current set up to follow.
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