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Newbie here...Fluval Flora for nano tank?

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Brand new here! :)

Backstory is that I love betta fish. I've had them since I was a kid and just recently got a new VT male. He is a pretty cool little guy! I was looking into tanks for him (he is currently in a 1 gal bowl) and got hooked on the beautiful aquascaped nano tanks I saw! So now I'm trying to figure my way through setting up a planted tank. I'm more than a little confused, but that's ok...I catch on quick.

I was looking through tanks and found the Fluval Flora, which is an all glass 8 gal tank. It comes with a 13 watt Fluval light, Co2, Fluval Stratum, a filter, and the tank itself, for $100.

Is this a good tank to use as a starter tank? I'm planning on using Java Moss to carpet the tank and use rocks as the hardscape. Possibly hairgrass in the background.

I'm just really unsure about everything!
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I just picked up a Flora as an impulse buy because my LFS was selling the 2 they had for 50 dollars each. I have no where to set it up atm but I went through all the stuff in there and checked it out. Overall im pretty impressed with the set up, but the CO2 is pretty crappy. You have to use the big ugly thing they include with it because the regulator cant hold a bubble count. Also if you decide to use it you should buy 16 gram canisters instead of the fluval ones to save money. You can get a good deal on amazon.
I have had my fluval flora running for 7 months. I do not use the co2 that it came with, I just don't like it. However I love the tank! I have been able to grow just about anything in it, including one crypt that ended up taking over the tank. Grass and moss grows great in it. The filter is a little tricky to get it right where you want it with flow and to avoid it being noisy, and they don't include carbon packs with it, but Petco carries them in 2 packs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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