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Newbie Heater Question

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I have had experience with aquariums for a while, but I have never used a heater before.

Anyways I recently set up a 10 gallon shrimp tank which came with a used PennPlax heater, but with no instructions.

I have no idea how to set up a heater.

Do you completely submerge it? Do you leave it plugged in? Where should I put it? I just have a huge clump of java moss floating in the tank, is it still ok to have a heater close to or touching the moss?
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To answer many of your questions, we'll need a model number or a photo. Not trying to be evasive - just not comfortable giving advice without the proper information.
It is a Penn-Plax Cascade Heat 100w Model: CH8100.

It did not come with an instruction booklet.
Here are infos I was able to look up. Hope it helps.

New Penn Plax Cascade 100 watt aquarium heater. Automatically sets and maintains your desired temperature. Degree numbers clearly indicated on heater so there is no guess work. Accurate to 1 degree. Fully submersible. Will heat a tank up to 20 gallons. Factory preset at 76 degrees, just plug in, though you can adjust it to any degree you need between 68 and 89. Can be placed in tank horizontally or vertically, fully waterproof. For fresh or salt water aquariums. You'll love the visible and accurate temperature setting scale. Easy view on/off light. Dual suction cups with mounting clips. Heavy duty and shock-resistant glass. Top quality heating element with superior insulation and heat distribution. All instruction and warranty information included.

100 Watt Heater
8 Inches Long
Good for tanks up to 20 gallons or 80 liters
Try to suction cup it to near the bottom of the tank above the substrate in a place with plenty of water flow. Stick it slanted, but close to horizontal.
Oh ok. I've never had a heater before so I was a little worried about putting the actual electrical cord under water.

Will the heat hurt any of the java moss floating around?
Well, I hope it's not to late, but....
when you put it in the water you should wait about 15-20 minutes before plugging it in. The temp difference can cause cracks in the glass (lost a couple heaters that way:mad: ).
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