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Going to start a planted tank using a evolve 8. I've been doing quite a bit of research the last few weeks. I'm going to go DSM with dwarf hair grass, HC and what ever else I decide one. I have the perticular look I want in my head and hopefully get close on my first try. Going DSM will aslo give me a couple months to get the rest or my supplies Guess we will see.

Using Eco-Complete black- unless someone changes my mind

Will use the stock light and filter. - for now

Plan on using pressurized CO2 (needed/not needed?) I was thinking about plugging it into the pump out on the filter (good/bad?) or Is it way better to have a defuser?
Being that i'm a metal fab/ welder. I'm sure I can get the tank and regulator fairly cheap through our supplier.

Any help with gorgeous plants that can handle low/ med lighting would greatly be appreciated. I would love to get some nice red plants in there if possible
Last- would like is put neon Terta and shrimp in the tank eventually.
I would love to make this kinda a nice living room piece.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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