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NEWBIE-35 gallon cube-questions

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Hey guys!

I'm not so much new to tanks, I've had many over the years but I'll be honest most of them failed. I never had lots of plants, but any time I've added a plant (ie moss) it would cause a huge algae outbreak and my tank would get ruined.
I'm really wanting to start a low tech tank in my new 35 gallon cube. I've been doing a lot of research on it and looking up tanks for inspiration. I've decided to go ahead with this tank set up, which I actually found on here! (Brad908 - cube tree)

I basically need to know everything, any tips would be great as this will be my first low tech planted tank, and real set up (used fake plants before lol). The furthest I ever got was having my 12 gallon carpeted with baby dwarf tears.

Main questions:
1) how much light should I use for this set up in a 35 gallon tank? What type of bulbs?
2) what kind of filter should I use?
3) does the type of heater matter or can I use a generic submergeable one?
4) I keep reading posts that say Micro Swords are near impossible to keep in a low tech planted tank, due to lack of high light and lack of Co2?? Can someone clarify that for me?
5) do I need to buy any sort of ferts to put under the ADA?
6) do I need to buy anything to add weekly? (ie iron etc)
7) I keep reading low tech tanks shouldn't require water changes, how true is this? Should you just top off any evaporated water or manually do water changes weekly?

Thanks so much for your help I know it's a lot lol.
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