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newbie 2.7g

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Hi guys ~

Been looking thru all the awesome tanks here , just want to say hi and share my tank which i set up at my girls house . Still new and hope to learn more from you guys :icon_mrgr

endlers was transfered to another tank eventually , gave birth and don't want to overcrowd the tank .

Sakura shrimp


my latest addition CPD

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Anyone know if this is some sort of deficiency on my anubias new leaf ?
It's kind of translucent for bout 1 week now , or is it normal :icon_ques
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Ya I agree beautiful tank and pics.
Cpd ?????
Celestial Pearl Danio ;)

That is really a beutiful tank. Are you sure you are a newb ??? :proud:
Thank you guys ~

Yes first tank , just been doing some reading here and there .
Still alot to learn from you guys :smile:

signs of tiny BBA coming out here and there ... no co2 sucks :icon_cry:

anyone know about the anubias new leave ? some sort of deficiency :icon_ques

Hello ~

Let me out ~

Thanks guys ~ will post more new pics of the "wonderful" BBA when i'm free from work .. lol
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Love the B&W pic. Nice tank!
Beautiful tank! Can't wait to see it continue! :D
That's a beautiful tank mate, well done, love to have a tank like that some day
Hard to believe this is only 2.7 gal! this is a great looking tank guy!
Really impressed! What's that little bush looking thing in the middle? The one your shrimp is sitting on in the head on shrimp photo?
Thanks everyone ~

Sorry been really busy with work , tank still surviving haha ..
will post more pics when I'm free .

@sinthesis hey thats Fissiden grown on a small rock , hope it helps :)
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