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i'm redoing my 110g with SMS dark Gray , and bought some wood and rocks for my aquascape, i would like to try to grow Gloss or HC for a font center carpet and swords and stems to the sides and i thought of getting some Shrimp , do alot of fish eat them like discus , rainbows ,clown loach or any tetra fish , corys , when i'm up and running my PH should be about 6.5 , KH around 4* and temp at 80-82 will this be ok , i have seen ghost shrip and bambo shrimp but i have not seen any cheery or any red color shrimp witch i think would look better with the black Substrate , do they do a good alge and wast cleaning
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Most fish will stress shrimp out and eat there babies. They will not be a main/efficent algae eater unless there is nother else to eat.
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