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Newb to Planted tanks

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Whats up everyone,

Am new to the planted tank world but was huge in the reef word. Anyways a lot of the stuff am going to be using came off my reef tank as it had to come down do to my daughter being born and not having the time to do it well now that I have the time and I always wanted a planted tank that what am doing going for a planted tank.

But here basically want am going to be using for my tank was thinking of going with a low tech build but not 100 percent sure yet any advice well be amazing help

Tank 40 breeder
Filter Ehiem ecco
Substrate Seachem Flourite (3 bags maybe 4)
Lighting 6 bulb T5-HO aquaticlife fixture (bulb have no clue thinking a mix between 6700k to 10000k range with red bulbs in their as well)
CO2 nothing but with research I have discovered if I use my 6 bulb fixture and all 6 bulbs i well need Co2

anything else I missed please tell me and suggest and advice is much needed tanks

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Welcome to TPT!

Is the First Coast Aquarium Society still up and running up there? If so and you're not a member yet- that's an incredible resource! (And if Steve Hampton is around- tell him he's missed at Tropical Fish Hobbyist and here at TPT and we all say Hi!)

Your setup sounds pretty good so far, other than your lighting. Planted tanks don't require nearly as much light as SW. Even running just 2 bulbs of T5HO is going to put you in the moderate to high light category and require CO2 over a 40B tank. I can't even begin to guess how high you'd have to suspend your fixture up off the tank if you wanted to run all 6 bulbs... maybe 6 to 10 feet or something? lol
Oh. Okay I can ran it down to 4 bulbs two on each channel with one channel coming on at noon a little extra kick. As it is co2 is an option but would need a beginner setup. And I have heard nothing of the first coast aquarium society but well look into it and see if I can find them if their still around.

stay tuned for nothing new its just a new year
Hate to break it to you, but CO2 won't be just an option with that much light.

Even running just 2 bulbs you'll need to raise your fixture up off the tank probably 6-8" if you want to keep this low tech and avoid needing CO2.

A reliable pressurized CO2 setup (which you would need with a tank this size) will start around $200.
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