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New with Shrimp

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Hi i recently bought a pair of amaono shrimp, i was wondering what staple food i could give them when there's no algea in the tank??? also is there a way to tell if one's a femlae or male?
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Females are bigger? It's pretty hard to breed them; they might mate and release larvae, but I read a whole bunch of threads on how people raised them. Trust me, it isn't worth the headache. Do you have java moss in the tank? Make sure there is plenty of moss. There is almost always algae in the tank. My amanos and RCS comb through the moss all day long picking out whatever algae I can't see. As a treat, once a week I boil a slice of zucchini and a leaf of spinach until the zucchini is soft and sinks. The shrimp come running for it.
Amanos (aka Japonicas) need brackish water during their larvae stage to survive. As they get older, they'll need to be slowly re-acclimated to freshwater. Like fishscale said, it's really not worth the trouble.

You can also drop in an algae wafer in your tank. I know both my fish and my shrimps love the algae wafers.
yea i was thinking about that, so yea i'll take ur advice guys thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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