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Just wanted to say hello. I got my first fish tank at the beginning of this year and have already added a second one. I've been on another forum and I kept ending up finding links to this forum that answered my questions so I decided to finally join. About to move home in a month or so but if all goes well I will be settled down in Chapel Hill, NC for the next few years.
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So welcome !!!
Two tanks in four could have MTS(multiple tank syndrome)already...
Thankfully the second one is just a shrimp tank. This summer I'm going to be building a stand and a DIY sump/refugium for my 40 gallon. I recently started looking at corals but thankfully I don't have enough to start even a nano reef so for now I think I will stick to planted tanks. I'm also redoing my main tank and adding a layer of dirt to that tank so this should be a fun summer. Going from a basic sand substrate with easy stem plants like ludwigia repens and water wisteria to some jungle vals, crypts, and dwarf sag. Probably going to be making a thread about all of that when I get there.
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