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Good day fellow fish friends. I am a newbie, only have set up my tank in August. I have a 50 gal bow front tank which i have started breeding guppies in. I guess it is low tech; my substrate is just granite chip gravel with smooth black river rocks on top. I have 7 different plants growing, though i dont know the names of all of them. I have an Amazon sword that has leaves that are a foot long. There are 4 philodendron that are growing underwater with the longest hanging down the outside of the tank.
Now to my fish. I have a Juli corydora, a pair of platys, and a new pair of yoyo loaches. I have 2 female guppies that are the original guppies i started with; OG (original guppy) is a lace delta tail and UG (ugly guppy) is a feeder guppy that survived the turtle. Between those 2 they have had 3 bathes of fry. OG first batch was bred with a 2 toned blue male, they a just reaching breeding size. I have 2 breeding males right now. One is a yellow leopard print flag tail and the other has a leopard print body with a scarlet delta tail. I had a golden glass female that produce 2 batches of fry before she passed. So in total i have around 40 guppies right now with the new batch of fry born yesterday.
Im just so proud of my tank and wanted to share with you guys. Thanks.


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