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I come from a family of animal lovers. Most of my relatives are "normal" and keep dogs and cats. In addition to that, I have birds. Although an aunt of mine enjoys keeping fish, I never got into the hobby.

I've had a betta fish in the past, which I didn't have for too long... The fish was bought as a Christmas display for a small warehouse style retail store in a vase with glass marbles on the bottom and a plant on top. No filter, no heater. The building not kept warm at night, the next morning the fish was dead. An employee went and dumped the fish into the toilet, the phone rang, and off they went to answer it. They came back to flush poor dead fishy down the drain when poor little fishy was swimming around alive as can be!

I ended up with the poor little betta with no idea on how to care for it, let alone being able to get a proper setup for it, so I found someone with actual betta experience and tanks for bettas and gave him away. Never really had much interest since to get into the hobby.

--- Several years later, I met my OH and he is a aquarium enthusiast and I'd say he's about intermediate level? He has done a lot of research and knows more than a novice, but he (and especially I) still have a lot to learn!

When I met him, he had 3 angel fish and 1 baby angel fish, 5 albino cory cats, 1 albino bristlenose pleco and 1 albino dojo loach split between a ~90g, 30g and 10g. Over time he had given away one angel fish, lost two of the others, and all cory cats. The water parameters tested fine. (didn't write down the results) The remaining angelfish and dojo loach were moved to the 30 gallon after 3 black kuhli loaches and cherry shrimp were added to the 90g tank.

Even after dating my OH for several months, I never really took any interest in the hobby until he purchased the cherry shrimp. :biggrin:

I decided to join the forum as we could use a little guidance. I'll create new threads for those specific topics. :)
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