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New to the forum but not the tank

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I took a break from having a tank for awhile, I moved to Texas from New York and had to give away all my fish, etc, so I'm starting all over.

Tank is a acrylic 54 gallon corner aquarium. Lighting is an Aqueon (something LED with blue LED's)
Substrate - white sand from Florida. Large fake driftwood (I'm naming it out because my pictures are cloudy from bacterial bloom still).
Plants: dwarf grass, 2 sword plants, some purple stuff I saw at Petsmart and couldn't pass up, java moss...and some other stuff I picked out. I wrote their names down somewhere...I swear I did.
I'm experienced in growing regular carnivorous plants, but aquatics are semi-new to me. I had them in New York, but again had to give it all away since it wouldn't survive the trip. I'm glad I did, it took 3 weeks for my stuff to be shipped here!

B y the way, I'm Ashley, I'm 29 with a family of 6 humans, idk how many fish, and 3 dogs (english bulldog and 2 German Shepherds). My son is trying to convince me that he needs a lizard or a snake, but we'll see about that. My favorite fish are Angelfish, followed by neon tetras and I'm pretty fond of my cherry barbs and cory cats. I also have a big Peacock eel...he lives in the fake driftwood and he would tell me to kindly f-off and stop messing with the tank if he could talk I think. Idk, he seems irritated by my very being at disturbing his hiding place.

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I couldn't find a stand to fit it exactly, but it hangs over maybe two inches? With it being that bow-front type tank it was that stand or building one, and I didn't trust anything I build to hold that much weight. Its held it fine for over a year before I moved to Texas though - all the weight and balance is on the stand.
In retrospect, I would have bought a bow-front or regular 50+ gallon tank than the corner one, but I got a good deal off Craigslist on this corner tank so...yeah, about that...


ETA: added picture, it's not nearly as precarious as it looks above lol.


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