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Hello all, i figured i would post up my venture into planted tanks. I apologies up front if i don't know the proper terms and acronyms, this is all new to me and a far cry from my other hobbies :) That being said, here we go.

A couple months ago we decided my daughter was ready for a pet and i figured a few gold fish would be a good start. A friend of mine gave me a 10gal tank and we were off! I started off with the typical Spongebob decor and 4 comet goldfish. I ended up getting a couple plants for a more natural look and ditched the pineapple house. I found out quick that i enjoyed the plants much more than the goldfish. After much research and scouring the internet i quickly realized i had to ditch the goldfish and get a bigger tank. I found a new home for the goldfish and picked up a 55gal this past sat.

Here is a picture of the 10gal before i broke it down. I upgraded the lighting and added CO2 injection.

I picked up a Aqueon 55gal kit and some supplys.

I never liked how the filter and wiring was visible from the back of the tank so i opted for a black background. I picked up some black vinyl sheet.

I applied it using a solution in a spray bottle (75% water, 25% Isopropyl alcohol, and a couple drops of soap) and a squeegee.

I positioned, trimmed, and squeegeed the solution to the edges.

I got some polycarbonate strips cut in different heights and some clear RTV.

I positioned the dividers to keep the carpeting plants where i wanted them and also to keep the substrate from sliding. i laid out my hardscape and went to town. I taped the dividers and secured with the RTV.

I dirted the bottom of the tank with MGOPM that had the bits of wood chips and sticks removed.

I added my substrates and it was ready for some water!

The hardest part of the entire process was adding the water. I had no way to hook up a hose so i had to fill the entire tank with a 1/2 gallon pitcher :icon_eek:

I filled the tank about a third of the way and planted it. I used Dwarf hairgrass, micro sward, and rotala magenta. I don't plan on adding any livestock for a while. Here is the finished product

I am already making plans to upgrade the lighting and CO2 system.

Thanks for reading, any comments or criticism are welcome.

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