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New to shrimp.

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I truly hope I am not bothering anyone here.
But I do run a Persay Nano witha HM betta, I was wondering For shrimp. What kind and how many?
I was thinking on something that cleans Betta food up and I would feed Sinking waffers and boilded veggies.
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Your betta will more than likely eat them. I am sorry :(
Putting shrimp into a tank with an established Betta will usually result in the Betta making the shrimp into a meal. From what I've read adding a Betta to an established shrimp tank can however have better results but still an iffy idea...
Unless you have a unique Betta that has a less aggressive personality, shrimp will be it's meal, like others have stated.
I mean he is still quite young. 5 months. I havent seen much agression... BUT THAT MAKES ME SAD,
Mother said no more tanks in my house.

But I do have a extra tank in the house that i could use. I do have a marine Bio lab (DIY) that I could keep little RCS in.
Ehehe... sneaky sneaky. Mother is all up for learning. This could be learning long term.
If the tank is very heavily planted, with lotsa hiding spots, I suspect a few will survive.
It is very slowly but slowly getting there.
I will buy a ghost shrimp for like 1.00? and see if he likes it for lunch of doesnt care for it.
Sacrifces need to be made
I've had two bettas recently (first one got hit with some nasty disease from some new neons that wiped out half my tank. Ugh.). First one I kept in the 30G and he pretty much ignored the ghost shrimp in there. Second I put in a 2.5G with a few plants and 3 RCS. He hunted each one down, one by one, and ate them. He had a very good thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, and he killed a ghost shrimp later, as well.

I think the first never figured out they were food and was distracted by the danios all day, but would have eventually figured it out had he lived.. The second betta.. well.. I've never seen a fish actively hunt like that. It was kind of cool, until I realized it was about a $3.00 meal for him.
you can add a betta into an established shrimp tank with a well sustained colony that is constantly growing.

you can't add shrimp into an established betta tank as they become food.

Tank size and how much cover you have are also variables you have to look at. It's not just the shrimp - betta interaction.
I keep an Amano shrimp with a Betta, they are friends. I floated the Amano shrimp for a while until the Betta realized he couldn't eat him.
I also had a 10 gallon with Amano shrimp and later added two female bettas with no issues at all. But females are like night and day compared to males.
I have a male Betta who has been happily cohabitating with 5 ghost shrimp in a 10gal for almost year now. But they were all added at pretty much the same time. I have a ton of plants, and lots of hiding places, but really the shrimp hang out right in front of him and he's never looked twice. They are bigger then other shrimp I've seen though (cherry, crystal, etc).
I was cycling my tank and I bought 5 ghost shrimp. After a while all but one survived and I found out it was a red claw macro female. It was scaring my rcs so I moved it into my beta tank. Beta hasn't touched it. Been there for months.

However, that's not always the case, as I give my beta fruit flies and flies regularly as well as fish flakes and brine shrimp. He lives like a king.
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