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new to shrimp tank

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I've read the sticky up top on how on caring shrimps. Im also new to this hobby/forum and im wondering what types of equipment would i need for breeding shrimps? (filter,sand,rocks,plants,etc) Can i mix multiple types of shrimp together like cherries with snowball and ghost? or is it best to keep just 1 type? i have a 10gal btw. any tips on caring for a tank is more than welcomed. thanks in advanced!
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- You will need a cycled filter for your tank. Shrimp will not generally survive cycling, they are very sensitive to ammonia. Use a tough fish to cycle your filter, like a danio or platy or guppy.

- They love to eat the microscopic critters that grow on java moss. Get some java moss. You will also need a light for the java moss. A desk light on a timer, on for 12 hours per day is fine. Java moss is a low light plant.

- You will need a dark substrate to bring out their redness.

- Feed color enhancing fish food.

- Mixing shrimp is fine, except longarm shrimp are aggressive. In one 10g tank I have RCS, 4 ghost shrimp, and a bamboo shrimp, and 3 otos. They get along fine.
Don't mix neocardina species with other neocardina species, like cherries and snowballs. They can cross breed. Don't mix cardina species with other cardina species, like crystal red shrimp and Tiger shrimp. They can also cross breed. Look at the scientific name of the shrimp to make sure they don't interbreed with each other.
Is interbreeding bad???, i though it would look cool for some nice colored shrimps
Is interbreeding bad???, i though it would look cool for some nice colored shrimps
No it isn't bad. In fact that's how they have come up with so many different types of shrimp. They cross breed, take certain colors and breed those, Ect... I just wanted to let phanizzle know that those types of shrimp will hyberdize with each other so he will know and not be surprised when his red or white shrimp has babies and they are pink :)
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