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New to Planted - Who/Where to get starter plants ?

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I live in Longmont. I would prefer to purchase from a local rather than a store if possible. Just looking for simple, low light plants at the moment. Suggestions? Thanks!
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Firedupaquatics I have bought from them theyre located in golden google it
I've got some extra water sprite, floating plants, and java fern. Come to the aquarium society meeting as well. They auction plants.
I have some extra red ludwiga and needle ludwiga as well as java fern. Im kind of far fron Longmont though.
Aqua imports regularly gets plants in. Do your research before you buy though so you won't be disappointed if your plants die due to the requirements. Once my green rotala group gets going. I would be happy to throw a few stems your way. Its a good starter plant :)
I have some sword plants, java moss, java fern, and some dwarf sag, and vals I can share and I live in Longmont.

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Thanks for the Firedupaquatics referral. I checked their site and I like what I see there. They have a number of the plants I was looking for when I redo my tank, and several I may consider trying.

I honestly have not been terribly impressed with the Aqua Imports plants, though there are certain species that are good quality from there. Really depends what you're looking at. I would def recommend them for fish/inverts though. Typically healthy animals, and a good selection. Their staff also tends to either know about the livestock, or know that they don't know, and will ask the person who does know something in order to help the customer. That's a very important mindset for an aquarium store to have imo.
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