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Hello all!

This is my fist planted tank, but my feet are plenty wet! I have kept saltwater tanks for awhile now and starteda small tank to keep my lionfish's tasty treats alive, but the tank was just to plain for me! After some thought I decided to make a custom AIO 2.5g nano planted.

So far I have:
- 2 Cory catfish
- random number of ghost shrimp that come and go
- 1 unknown fuzzy plant
- 1 unknown small leave plant with lilac like flowers
- 1 good ol Marimo ball for the shrimp

Filtration is just some polly floss around the return pump intake. Heater is a small 25w glass heater. I used seachem dark substrate for color and to darked the ghost shrimp when they molt. Makes them easy targets lol

The light is a 100% custom DIY (right now a small lamp and CFL are providing light tell I finish my DIY tomorrow) that is *almost* done. It is made of 4 TriStar pucks with each LED on separate circuits. 4 channels that are controled my a typhoon with sunrise and sunset. 4 channel digital driver and a laptop power supply.

Total LEDs and channels are:
CH 1 - 4 warm white
CH 2 - 2 cool white
CH 3 - 2 lime
CH 4 - 2 Royal blue

I like the tank much more but would love to have some drift wood with Moss growth and ditch the tacky Moss ball. I would also like to get a few more small unique plants to bring more life to the tank. Being new to planted tank means any tips are welcome!

Hopefully I can stock this tank with your guys help, buying from other enthusiast are always better in my book!

Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think!

Current FTS 4/12/16


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